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DEB’s Story

It’s not every day that a couple of respected progressive rock musicians decide to abandon their love of the long-format concept record and pursue something more commercially appealing, but that’s precisely what happened when Days Before Tomorrow founder, Scott Kahn, got together with DBT bandmate Derek Davodowich to plot the next chapter of their musical journey.

In many ways this was a full-circle type of journey, as Kahn (keyboards) was inspired to become a musician thanks to his love of British artists such as Gary Numan and Duran Duran, and Davodowich (guitar) came from the world of AOR bands like Toto and Giant. Pop was in their DNA; they just didn’t realize how much so until they began developing material for their new project.

“We came at this thinking about classic pop bands with great musicianship that we have always loved,” Kahn explains. “Tears for Fears, Berlin, Duran Duran, Roxette. These were great pop artists that were never afraid to feature guitars alongside big keyboards.” Davodowich shares, “We also love modern bands such as Chvrches and Keane. So for us, DEB was about combining our love of classic and modern Euro-pop with our need to create meaningful music that has depth, intricacies, and a broad stylistic appeal.”

The search for a vocalist took a bit more time as Kahn and Davodowich needed to find just the right kind of singer that would bring their unique musical vision to life. Although many talented singers wanted the role, they took a chance on Carrie Edwards. “Carrie was a fabulous, raw, undeveloped talent,” explains Kahn. “While other vocalists might have had a bit more polish and finish, they were all kind of similar to each other, and all lacked excitement. Carrie had a unique voice that brought just the right character and attitude to the band.”

Drummer Byron Barbieri (Empire Hydeous) had shared New York City stages many years prior with Kahn, and it was their mutual friend and former alternative rock bandmate, Dave Sempier (Five Star Dive/Untitled Art) who knew that these two would make a perfect musical fit.

Together, the band became Dream Eternal Bliss, a name that ideally suites the dreamy, synth-pop element of the band’s sound. But the story derails from here into a tale of despair and rebirth. Shortly after DEB began performing live shows at notable NJ venues including Maxwell’s (Hoboken) and Mexicali Live (Teaneck) in support of their highly-praised, debut EP, vocalist Edwards quit the band—and all music performance—entirely, having found herself emotionally distraught and uncomfortable in the role of lead vocalist for an emerging rock band. Despite the alarming setback, the group began writing their next record while pursuing a new lead vocalist.

The band spent most of 2016 and the start of 2017 auditioning new singers to replace Edwards, constantly facing a barrage of vocalists who were simply good, but without the special something needed to take an indie band to the next level. Once again, though, raw talent won out over experience as the band welcomed Faith Banca, a fantastic young vocalist whose dreamy voice and vibrant personality won the band over before she finished singing the first song at her audition.

“We knew within minutes that if Faith wanted the spot, it was hers,” according to Davodowich. “It was so refreshing to hear her breathe new life into the DEB songs.” Banco is also a songwriter and pianist, and she and Kahn have already begun writing together. “The band has been amassing a huge collection of song ideas over the past year,” explains Kahn. “It was great to sit down with Faith and start fleshing out lyrics and melody ideas for the songs we’ve been writing, and working together has been a pleasure. We’ll be back on track with live shows this summer (2017) and hope to record our next record later in the fall.”

Combining the vibe of classic New Wave with modern rock attitude and a touch of prog rock sophistication, DreamEternalBliss deliver a fresh, new sound that innovates; not emulates.

Dream Eternal Bliss are:

Faith Banca •  Scott Kahn  •  Derek Davodowich  •  Byron Barbieri