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Scott Kahn: Keyboards

DEB co-founder Scott Kahn is best known for having founded the progressive rock band, Days Before Tomorrow, in which he was one of the two guitar players, along with bandmate Derek Davodowich. DBT released an album produced by industry legend, Ron Nevison, The Sky Is Falling, which went on to win Record of the Year in the 2009 Los Angeles Music Awards.

Less well known, however, is that Kahn also contributed keyboards to more than half of that record, and he has been a keyboard player even longer than he has played guitar. He has contributed keyboards, guitars, engineering, and production duties to a variety of releases from other artists as well.

Key (ahem) Influences: Gary Numan, Nick Rhodes, Geoff Downes (Asia/The Buggles), Tony Kaye (Yes), Mick MacNeil (Simple Minds), Iva Davies (Icehouse)

Key Gear: Korg, Dave Smith Instruments, Roland, Rob Papen, Arturia. As a guitar player, Kahn has formal endorsements with Gary Kramer Guitars, ENGL Amplification, RJM Music Technology, and Dean Markley Strings.