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Great feature in The Aquarian, October 10, 2018

"Mighty choruses and meaningful melodies mix with an honest
Eighties energy - the combustion comes up with a devastating boom..."

December 2016

"This pulsates through the ears and renders you hooked."
Vents Magazine
February 2016

"Guts, moxie and sex appeal wrapped all into one... This EP is nearly flawless in every way."
February 2016

"One of the coolest 6-song releases on the market right now."
I Am Entertainment Magazine
February 2016

"Very well done with a lot of keyboard textures and a great overall sound
with searing guitar, almost akin to The Cure."

Skope Magazine
February 2016

"One of the most exciting and cool albums of the year."
February 2016

"Ex prog rockers mutate into eighties melodic pop rock. And why not.
It didn’t do Yes any harm circa 90125... this sprightly mini-album is a real delight."

Zeitgeist and The Rocker UK
April 2016

"DEB deviates from the synth-pop world by featuring Derek Davodowich’s outstanding guitar work
that runs the range from Nile Rogers disco funk to Petrucci/Lukather riffage,
with some sweet acoustic guitar in between."

January 2016

"A great combo of dance music and AOR prog-rock music weaved together like never before. You don’t find these combos everyday anymore, especially mixing two such diverse approaches with such a one sided result,
but they pull it off well. They easily remind of everyone from Timbuck Three to Roxette.
But there is a hard underlying edge that won’t quit."

February 2016

"One of the greatest records I have heard this year... Pays tribute to some of the most awesome bands ever
to step up in a stage, but Dream Eternal Bliss finds the way to not drown themselves
into comparison and come out to surface as an original act."

February 2016

"They combine a rocking quality with the likes of such artists as Duran Duran and Roxette. These are the stronger influential points they clearly have, but it’s weaved properly into their own thing for
a fresh new twist on that sort of rock."

February 2016